Dark Maze by freegameswow

This is a different maze search journy! You need to find your way out in the darkness. Challenge yourself!

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By freegameswow

Through The Wars by freegameswow

Choose the character you like to fight like a real fighter. Have fun alone or with a friend(2 players mode).

Harvest Rush by freegameswow

Harvest time is coming. You need to hurry up in gathering ripe fruits or you will lost them.

Mario Cut Fruit by freegameswow

Mario Cut Fruit is another fun cutting game. Move the mouse to cut fruits as fast as you can!

King of Sniper - The Hostage Crisis by freegameswow

This version adds the hostage element which makes the game more challenging. Player can check positions of enemies through the radar on the top left corner. Try to make more Headshots for higher scores; Killing hostages will reduce scores; when reaching a certain scores, you can get all sorts of upgrades of AWP sniper rifles!

False Mario by freegameswow

Play this trick game with your sharp eyes to find out which one is not the real mario.
More Puzzles Games

Bmw M1 Jigsaw Puzzle by gamee

Try To Complete The Picture Of Bmw M1. Play Free Online Flash Bmw M1 Jigsaw Slider Puzzles Game.

Summer Match by lingguo

By clicking on the cards with your mouse, try to match all of the pairs in as few moves as possible!

A Monster in Paris - Objetos Perdidos by moaid123

Have fun playing this game base on the Movie a Monster in Paris, and find out hte hidden objects with in the image.

DOLI- Sweet Pies by Cartitans

Join the young girl in the kitchen for a delicious treat in a skills game that tests your abilities to follow the pattern in the original recipe.

Love Love Love by adrian2309

A fun Valentines Day paired cards game. Match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score. Brought to you by OnlineFreeMiniGames.com

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