Dragon Ball Fighting 1.6 by freegameswow

Version1.6 provides you more power to fight. You can also play it with your friend!

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By freegameswow

Cross Fire Golden Eagle by freegameswow

In the game, you will act as brave soldier to kill all the terrorists! You will be given the best weapon in this task! There are three levels totally. Let enemies taste your awesome shooting skills! Come on!

Pou First Outing by freegameswow

Pou and his friends have decided to go outing together. But he still hasnt dressed himself up when his friends come to his home. Look at him! He is so dirty. Lets help him wash cleanly and carefully dress him up. So he can go out to play happily with his friends! Have fun!

METAL SLUG OUT OF DANGER by freegameswow

METAL SLUG OUT OF DANGER, drive your spaceship to destroy all enemy planes!

Steel Wasp 2 by freegameswow

Fly a Steel Wasp through enemies and shoot them. It is a tough battle to take back the land that was once yours.

Abodox by freegameswow

The planet Abadox is envaded by a giant alien organism known as Parasitis.The galactic military decides to send out their best fighter to save the planet before it's too late.
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Fishy serial killer 41 by giraffe77

You are a fishy serial killer, but watch out for the sharks.

Bulishor And The Piranha, Episode 4 by giraffe77

Bulishor, which is a wondering little air bubble, lost in the deepest waters of an Ocean, decided to go to see his mother, about he heard she lives in a place called ???Air???, located at the surface of the water. In this Episode, Bulishor must collect the falling coins but at the same time, he must watch out for the Piranha. Can you help Bulishor collect as many coins as possible? On his way to the surface, Bulishor has to face with different creatures around him, every moment he has to be cautious and wise. To be Continued...

Diggi Saize 31 by giraffe77

Fight your way to respect, fame and glory.

Fishy serial killer 12 by giraffe77

You are a fishy serial killer, but watch out for the sharks.

Ionic by FlashGameDistribution

A space based RTS / Defense game with elements of classic horizontal shoot'em ups.

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