Dragon Ball Fighting 1.6 by freegameswow

Version1.6 provides you more power to fight. You can also play it with your friend!

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By freegameswow

Bear Loves Gold by freegameswow

The new year has arrived, there are golds scattered everywhere. Tyrant Xiong comes to pick up the gold. Help him collect all golds and get home!

Christmas Matches by freegameswow

Use your memory power to match the items and earn score. You will lose a life if you match the wrong one and you must match all in a limited time. Complete all the levels to win the game!

A Happy Weekend Girl by freegameswow

Hot summer is coming. Going out to the seaside is a good choice and this girl cannot wait to go to there this weekend, please help her dress up!

Fairy Tails by freegameswow

The demon comes again!Now help control Fairy Tail to destroy all the enemies! Enjoy the gorgeous screen together with fluent fighting.

Pen King by freegameswow

Pens are more and more, can you draw them out quickly? Pens can be removed when you click the two same ones!
More Action Games

The Battle of England 27 by giraffe77

Try out the best platform game ever made and be entertained for hours.

Splender by Sharjeel Ahmed

Splender brothers were out enjoying a beautiful weather when trouble came unannounced. Now they must survive the monsters who are ready to get a piece of them. Good thing is that they can fire. Do kill all enemies to finish a stage. play through 16 exclusive levels with increasing difficulty, come face to face with moving and flying enemies with incredibly good AI. Use arrow keys to move first character, use spacebar to fire. Use WASD to move second character and use Q key to fire. You must aim correctly so the fire may hit the enemy.

The Last Knight by FlashGameDistribution

You are the last Knight, defeat your opponents.

World of Confusion by kokodigital

Take control of your pencil and draw bridges, ramps and barriers to successfully navigate your characters and reach the end of level goal. Use your mouse to move the pencil, Click and drag to draw.

Zorro 73 by giraffe77

Fight the spanish army and steal their treasures so you can give it back to the mexicans.

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