Dragon Ball Fighting 1.6 by freegameswow

Version1.6 provides you more power to fight. You can also play it with your friend!

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By freegameswow

Ben10 Fighting Adventure by freegameswow

Ben10 is now facing a dire challenge. He needs to use his weapon to kill all enemies and reach the destination.

Zombie Shooting Invincible by freegameswow

Zombies are coming more and more, but you are immortal! Take up arms and have a good shooting time!

Battle dress competition by freegameswow

They are ordinary high school biennial at first but later find they are with special magic power. They are strong woman warriors. Now dress up and make up for the two girls to battle who is more beautiful warrior!

Cute Fruit Match by freegameswow

Little monkey loves eating fruits very much, but he needs to finish the task of matching same fruits first before he can eat them! Would you help him?

Dora Save Forest by freegameswow

One day, a group of evil animals occupied forest. Dora's friends had no food. Dora must take strawberries back to the warehouse.
More Action Games

Highway of Hell 49 by giraffe77

Superior graphic and gameplay make this biker game to one of the best ever made.

Zombie Cops 0 by giraffe77

Zombies have taken over the police department and they are now chasing you all over the city. Do anything to avoid ending up as zombie meat.

Jungle Massacre 40 by giraffe77

Survival is the keyword in this fun jungle massacre platform game!

Appleman Insect Crisis by freegameswow

In a distant planet, there are applemen who live happily. But one day, dark nights fall and various abnormal insects invade the planet, so applemen are in great danger. Take arms to defend your home!

Lusfod by giraffe77

Avoid enemies, collect animals & flowers( bonuses ). You can also turn off flash effects in menu. Don't tell nobody about this game ;) 7 - Achievements 7 - Ufo models 3 - Enemies + DRAGON

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