Never Give Up by freegameswow

Due to human environmental pollution, spider was changed to variation and began to attack human. You are ordered to protect the transportation. Good luck!

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By freegameswow

Ant with Gravity Ball by freegameswow

Drag Left mouse to release Gravity Ball and Press Space when Mouse over the gravity area to recover the Gravity Ball.

Night Moto Ride by freegameswow

Ride the moto cross the street in the night. You will love it!

Delicious Matching by freegameswow

Click on the same delicious food that are not blocked by other food to remove them!

Rainbow Rabbit Adventure by freegameswow

Little P and little C are going to take an adventure to a wonderful rainbow wold. Let's begin the exciting adventure right away! Control: Player 1: AD to move left and right, J to lay rainbow, K to jump. Player 2: ← → to move left and right, 2 to lay rainbow, 3 to jump.

Rio Spin Puzzle by freegameswow

Rio 2 is a very funny movie. Most of friends like this movie very much. If you also like this movie, please try this interesting game Rio Spin Puzzle. Spin the pictures and complete the whole puzzle.
More Shooting Games

GENESTEALER by ActiveGames

It's a new flash abstract shooter from ActiveGames.

Rick Triqui by Triqui

Help Rick Triqui to beat all 25 levels. Shoot all orange orbs to complete a level. Great level design, reminds old-school platformers

Treasure Keeper by andzol

Once you pop - you can't stop. And why stop? Pop as many gems as you can! It's a fun and easy action-puzzle game for everyone!

Overwhelmed by natpat

Overwhelmed - fight off hoards of enemies as they increase in numbers! Fight off 12 unique enemies, upgrade your spells, and kill all ten bosses!

Ketchup Master by eliyahu

Destroy evil mustard bottles with your handy ketchup squirter and bombs while avoiding mayo storms and barbecue bombs.

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