Never Give Up by freegameswow

Due to human environmental pollution, spider was changed to variation and began to attack human. You are ordered to protect the transportation. Good luck!

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By freegameswow

Cat Dive by freegameswow

A cat is playing a game with his friend. The one who dives deepest and collects the most stars will win the game. Can you help this cat win?

Face Off Cube by freegameswow

Use your head to rotate the cube in order to restore all kinds of opera facial types!

Uncle Weird Rescue Mission by freegameswow

Evil outer space monsters want to invade earth and have killed many innocent people. Help uncle weird defeat those monsters! Instruction: Avoid dead people and buildings; Bomb those outer space monsters; Collect those items which will help you continue your firepower.

This Is My Duck Throw Waterball by freegameswow

My ducks are out of water and they are so thirsty now. I have some water balls, and I must figure out a way to throw those water balls to my lovely ducks. Will you help me?

Through the Wars 1.0 by freegameswow

Choose the character you like to fight in different scenes and with different difficulty. Have fun alone or with a friend(2 players mode).
More Shooting Games

City at combat by bun220708

War against the gangster !

Varas by DrRobot

You control a turret, and as you destroy enemies they explode into a billion particles! highly addicting!

Raft Wars by AddictingGames

One of those wormy games - you must defeat the stranded pirates! Fortunately, you're much funnier than they are.

Sift With Shorty by mediameg

Here comes Vinnie's girlfriend with some high killing skills. Assisting Vinnie's in his kind of 'quest' to get any city rid of mafia or other criminal organizations is not an easy job. Shorty is an important character in Vinnie's life and well, find out why and how !

Prairie Sheriff by nx8

Description: As local prairie sheriff in the wild west you can explore the prairie planes, goal to collect the maximum amount of bounty, equipped always with a standard gun, with upgrades available within the inventory screen. How To Play: - Mouse = Aim and Shoot - W,A,S,D = Move

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