Ocean Grown by freegameswow

You can eat fish which smaller than yourself to get scores. When eats enough fish, you will grow bigger and bigger. Come on!

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By freegameswow

Death Of Bin Laden by freegameswow

Sniper is very important in winning victory. This is a game about assassinating Bin Laden.

Wedding Dressing by freegameswow

The lovers finally decide to get married. Let us dress up them and give them an unforgetable wedding!

Go Against Stream by freegameswow

It's a game to challenge your sense of balance. Try to make the boat keep going forward and stay away from both sides as long as you can!

Number Battle by freegameswow

Find the blocks that have the same color and value then click them. Try to defeat the computer!

uper Appleman Out of Trap by freegameswow

Yellow warrior has lost her weapon, so we need to help her find weapons first and then escape the bug wat. Observe carefully and kill bugs by using the environment. Be careful for the traps! 1.Use wind in the first level; 2.Click water ahead the bugs in the second level; 3.Click stones ahead the bugs in the third level; 4.Click stone three times and allure the bugs to the trap in the fourth level; 5.Click the bell five times and use the trap in the fifth level; 6.Click the lamp three times to kill all bugs and the black bug monster will leave when you turn off all the lights.
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Crayon Shin Chan Rescue Dog by freegameswow

Little white dog is chased by a pack of fierce dogs and kidnapped. Crayon Shin Chan gets very angry and decides to fight with those fierce dogs...

The Lost Inca by dark_river

Very exciting, but not very simple game adventure. Your task is to go through all the stages and get to the treasures of the ancient Incas. In a campaign involving two characters - a strong and agile. Switching between them with the mouse. And the actions they perform when combining space and arrows. There is also two icons in the lower left to switch additional steps.

Panic Room Escape by FlashGameDistribution

Try to escape from the panic room!

D-ZANGO by ospreysoft

D – Zango is a Role Playing Game, where D-zango needs to collect apples to gain score. He has 3 lives and 10 stages to cross and complete the game. Collecting Red and Black apples escalates the score. Every second you waste in collecting the apples you lose 1 point.

Holiday Sim by FlashGameDistribution

The perfect holiday simulation... from 1984!

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