Ocean Grown by freegameswow

You can eat fish which smaller than yourself to get scores. When eats enough fish, you will grow bigger and bigger. Come on!

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By freegameswow

Rainbow Warrior Armor by freegameswow

A boy got ancient chinese magic rainbow armor and then became a representative rainbow warrior armor. With righteous power, he always fight with the forces of darkness. Now they developed powerful beasts to make environmental pollution and social chaos...Warrior, come on!

Beach Landing by freegameswow

You mission in this game is to deplete enemy's invasion forces and stop their offensive. Facing the large number of enemies, the only way for you is to use the powerful haiphong battery to fight!

Matching Game DIY by freegameswow

You must be tired of the old same matching games, but have you ever thought of making a matching by ourselves? First select pictures from local computer and then clip these pictures to icons that you want to use in your matching game. The game will provide you the fun of DIY. Just try it!

Target Shoot by freegameswow

This is an improved game of Hit The Eye. Can you shoot fast and hit the target accurately? This game is a right challenge for you. You can practice your skill by playing it. Have fun!

Girl Quick Spot by freegameswow

Try your best to find 5 differences between two pictures in a limited time!
More Adventure Games

Eating Crab Fort by Zoe

It is a cake world.It is full of hamburgers.It is an accident that SpongeBob comes into the world.And he starts to eating crab fort.Help him eat more!

Dora Fruit Adventure by freegameswow

Dora the explorer is going on a new adventure to collect fruits! Please help her collect all and avoid monsters!

Imbossible by Disciple

Face this boss and all the challenges it puts you through. A different twist in each level!

The Fae's Wyrd by Over00

The Fae's Wyrd is a retro-inspired party-based RPG. It uses a mix of Diablo's treasure system and a roguelike random level generator with a Final Fantasy-like combat system. Randomly generated treasures and levels to provide a new experience every game.

Kill H1N1 by siftheads

Micheal is on a quest to prevent the people of his neighborhood from the H1N1 virus. Find all the people who need your help and increase their immune system.

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