Three Kingdom Fighters Invincible by freegameswow

Fight as a real brave fighter with this invincible edition!

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By freegameswow

Midway 1942 V2 by freegameswow

Midway war begins, you must drive Fearless bomber to fight with enemies who will give fierce resistance. Fight bravely for your homeland!

Digital Baby Adventure by freegameswow

Let's help digital babies eliminate monsters and collect all the crystals to pass every level! Come on!

Puzzle Shopping Collisions by freegameswow

This is a easy and fun removing puzzle game with shopping collisions. Enjoy it! Instruction:Exchange items by click on them. Items will be removed when three or more same ones are in a line.

The Mummy Game by freegameswow

In this game, using mouse to draw lines to reach the destination. Then, youcan enter the next level!

One Piece Ultimate Fight by freegameswow

Choose the character you like to fight with computer or with your friend!
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Taz Tropical Havoc by KidsWB-Dev

Taz has landed on a lost tropical Island. Help him avoid native hunters, Find food and Escape the Island!

NomMan by PingwinGames

Retro arcade action! Guide NomMan around the maze eating the dots and avoiding the hungry ghosts. Eating the Power Pills will allow you to turn the tables on the ghosts for a limited time. Eat the fruits for bonus points. Score: Pill – 10 points Power Pill – 50 points Ghost – 200 – 1600 points Fruit – 1000 points

Pacific Rim Hidden Letters by moaid123

Find the hidden letters in the Pacific Rim image. Can you do it before time runs out?

The Simpsons Escape 2 by giraffe77

Bart is in big money problems and has decided to steal gold from Mr. Burns. Will you succeed and be rich or will you get caught by the police and end up in jail? That???s for you to find out.

Mummy Return by freegameswow

Dear mummy, while you have slept in the tower for thousands of years, you cannot just come out to make people scary. So I will try my best to stop you!

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