Three Kingdom Fighters Invincible by freegameswow

Fight as a real brave fighter with this invincible edition!

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By freegameswow

Dress Up HitmanReborn by freegameswow

HitmanReborn tells us a story about a boy growing up to be a good leader. Now lets dress up the hero of the story!

Psy Darts by freegameswow

PSY was captured by terrorists and was pinned to dartboard. To keep PSY safe, please keep an eye on your darts. Try your best to get a highscore to save PSY back. Come on! My Hero!

Ninja Gaiden Undead by freegameswow

The young ninja comes back with unlimited life this time. Let's help him save his father from the robbers!

Kill Cao cao by freegameswow

In the end of Donghan Dynasty, there were wars everywhere. Cao cao was the biggest winner at that time. He was ruthless to those people who were against him, which made many people want to kill him, but all ended in failure. Now, a warrior who lived in remote mountain decided to eliminate this public scourge. Whether he can succeed or not depends on you!

Tom and Jerry find Stationery by freegameswow

Tom and Jerry are competing to find stationeries! Do you know who will win?
More Action Games

Saboteur by NinjaCow

A top-down stealth game. Sneak around accomplishing missions, snapping the necks of guards, and avoiding security cameras.

Hunted Biker 25 by giraffe77

The most fun biker platform game ever made.

Dragon Ball Fighting 2.3 by game4joy

Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting Version 2.3 add new challenges for you. Now it is time to fight!

Tower of Zzz by FlashGameDistribution

Oh No! The guests of your hotels have started to sleep walk. It's time to take action and guide them safely back to the hotel lobby before they fall out of the hallway windows. Move the elevators to catch your guests and save the day in Tower of Zzz.

Stick Street Fighter Maker by freegameswow

When I was young, I played fighting games almost everyday; so when I grow up, I decided to be a game developer to design fighting games. This game has two mode: Film Mode and Play Mode. You can also design your character before the fight. It is really a interesting game.

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