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Games Submitted
BigBlock by Csharks
BigBlock is another flash puzzle game.
Coolie No1 by Csharks
Avoid the rush and reach the exit with out loosing the luggage. Incoming rush and other obstacles will need to be strategically managed.
Flies In Bubbles by Csharks
Flies In Bubbles is a simple flash game. The idea is to save the Flies from the Bubbles.
Fishy Hues by Csharks
Fishy Hues is simple flash puzzle game. Your aim is to turn the color of all fish to a single one.
Rat And Cheese by Csharks
Try to help the rat to eat the tasty cheese. Avoid hit with the moving blades and spinning spoons.
Aqua Ride by Csharks
Aqua Ride is a simple flash water riding game.
Under Water by Csharks
Under Water is a simple flash game. Destroy all the mines in under water. Timing is the key factor.
Platform Golf by Csharks
Platform Golf is flash 2D golf game.
CardsCraze by Csharks
CardsCraze is another simple flash cards game.
Balancing Mathai by Csharks
"kudiyan mathai chettan" is on the coconut tree Again !! drinking "kallu" (toddy) during night is not a good idea. Help him to balance. Move your mouse to the other side of Mathai to pull him in that direction.
Triple Cards by Csharks
Triple Cards is a simple flash cards game. The game idea is to make 3 cards of the same face value.
Jhansis Ride by Csharks
Jhansi ki Rani is on her horse ride session. You control the ride with the arrow keys. You should avoid incoming horse riders as well as the local people who are passing by and crossing the road. You can either avoid them by moving away or jumping over them. If you see some British officers walking by crash onto them and sent them flying.
Empress Dress-up by Csharks
Empress Dress-up is a very simple dress up game.
Anti Body by Csharks
Defend against the viruses with Mr. Antibody!. Click to attack and kill currently killable viruses.
Card Raider by Csharks
Card Raider is another flash card game.
Jump And Take by Csharks
Help the little bird to reach the branch with mango fruits without fell down.

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