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BubbleCards by Pierz
It is a mix of cards game and bubbles catching. Bubblecards are playing according to cards rules, but fly as bubbles. You have to "catch" opponents bubblecard and cover it. Higher card covers lower.
Bubble-fAces by Pierz
Bubble-fAces is an interpolation of cards game to the pretty bubbles world. Cover Bubble-fAce with your Bubble.
Ping Pool by Pierz
It is a mix of Pool and Ping-Pong.
2Football by Pierz
2-Players Football(soccer): Choose your player (left or right); hit the ball to score the goal. Win the game in time 5 minutes.
15teens by Pierz
Arrange 15 blocks according to their numbers (1,2,3,...14,15).
Cardz House by Pierz
Cards game: build the Cards House. Each time you win, you build next stage of Cards House.
4Football by Pierz
2 teams by 2 players - football. You may play any of your two players. All rules as in football (soccer).
4x4Football by Pierz
4 players - 4 gates: Football of new generation. Control both your players and score goals to both opponents gates.
2x2Volleyball (Blondes vs Brunettes) by Pierz
Beach Volleyball : Blondes vs Brunettes. 2 players in each team. You control both your players.
1BasketBall by Pierz
4 basketball players against 1 basket. You throw the ball to the basket - you score the goal.

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