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Balloon Killer by giraffe77
Kill the evil balloons.
Beach Bee Race by giraffe77
Be the fastest bee on the race track to fix all the holes in this fun and addictive game.
SkiBee by giraffe77
In this fun and addictive game, you are a crazy bee that love skiing more then flowers.
Alpine Skiing by giraffe77
Beat your opponents and conquer the snowy mountains in this very exciting and fun alpine skiing game.
Coca Cabana Race 3 by giraffe77
Race around on the beaches and impress the girls, but watch out for danger.
Trade Outpost November by giraffe77
A trading game set on an automated space station. Collect and swap goods with aliens, earn energy credits, fix your ship, and escape as fast as you can!
vampire hates zombie 1 by giraffe77
Vampire Hates Zombies is a free online zombie game. Once a day, there are live Vampire And Zombie, at first, they're a family, but since no more human lived on that world, cause most of human infection be a zombie. Vampire isn't have more person on it, zombie always try to kill vampire, they want dominate the world by kidnapped the vampire kid. So as a vampire father should to survive their kid. We hope you enjoy playing Vampire Hates Zombies Game online. If you like Vampire Hates Zombies Game online, don't forget to share it with your friends or social networks.
Aquarium Fish Coloring 1 by giraffe77
There could not be a visual treat than a sight of fishes swimming happily in their comfortable zone. Enliven the excitement in these water animals by splashing out some colors over and around them. Discover the magical happiness that colors could give to a single drawing.
Benten and Zombies by giraffe77
Benten and zombies are fighting. You can help benten.
Catch Golden egg by giraffe77
Catch the golden eggs with the nest and try to evade the cracked eggs, move the nest with your arrows; each golden egg you catch will give you 100 points and every cracked egg you cath will decrease your 80 points. The game will be over if you miss 5 golden eggs or catch 5 cracked eggs by mistake. The speed of the eggs will speed up once for a while.
Dolly Car by giraffe77
Top 10 racing game which get your adrenaline running faster than you can drive.
SL Zombie ShotZ 3 by giraffe77
SL Zombie ShotZ. Shoot the Flying Zombies and Save Earth. Up Arrow Thrust. Left and Right Arrows Fly Spaceship. Spacebar to Shoot.
Winter Olympic 10 by giraffe77
Show the world who the real champ is at the winter olympics.
Dead Drunk 1.9 by giraffe77
Game about classic friday of system administrator. Is it easy to find way home? (v1.9 now) Game length increased since previous updates. And also now you can play with friends as now I finally have possibility to dedicate server for multiplayer. Multiplayer can show strange effects but I'll look for what I can do in few days. Enjoy and try not to get too drunk ;)
QuarkStarMission 2 by giraffe77
Game inspired by Starcraft 1. Command several spaceships and fight against the enemy. Read ingame help for full list of controls.
QS Mission by giraffe77
Control your army and fight against the enemy! Read the in game help to learn all tricks.
Pattern Dexterity by giraffe77
Improve your mouse dexterity while playing this awesome game by After the first click your time is limited to trace the pattern correctly. If you follow the white line while left mouse button is clicked you can proceed to the next level... otherwise the game is over. Good Luck and Have Fun!
Jungle Massacre 29 by giraffe77
Survival is the keyword in this fun jungle massacre platform game!
AnimationFootballQuiz 51 by giraffe77
This football quiz game beats them all. The animations are superior and the gameplay is like no others.
Oil 40 by giraffe77
Be a super hero and save the world for an oil disaster in this fun pipeline racing game
Tutti Frutti on Time 50 by giraffe77
Test how good your memory is on time in this fun memory game.

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