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BlackBeard Down Pirate Game by mousebreaker
Pick a side and battle it out in this epic seafaring war!
Cheers! by mousebreaker
You're the new barman in town, and you've got to serve the thirsty hordes before you have a riot on your hands! Can you get through the week?
Aporkalypse Now by mousebreaker
It's Armagammon! Grab your trusty weapon (shotgun or frying pan) and make bacon with the poorly piggies! How long before they get you?
Stadium Sneakout! by mousebreaker
You've lost the crunch match and the manager is furious! Can you get out of the stadium and safely home to avoid the teacup throwing fury?
Car Pool by mousebreaker
Wouldn't pool be even better if it involved cars? And wouldn't driving be better if it involved potting balls? Time to find out!
Beerland by mousebreaker
Loved Hapland? Try Beerland! Interact with the scenery, solve the puzzles and make this unusual pub take off!
Being One: Episode 2 by mousebreaker
A science fiction adventure!
Sepp Splatter by mousebreaker
Help the head of FEEFA splat the foreign players out the English league
Being One - Episode 3 by mousebreaker
What horrors await as you delve deeper into the laboratory in part 3 of our popular science fiction adventure series?
Bad Adebayor by mousebreaker
Control bad boy Adebayor by sliding in front of his old fans
Hyper Vault by mousebreaker
Raise the bar and see if you can vault it in 3 goes!
Slugger Baseball by mousebreaker
30 levels of home-run slugging fun!
Arcade Volley by mousebreaker
A volley game with added twists!
Beer Barf Blast Off by mousebreaker
Navigate the drunken stumble home!
Drag Race Demon 2 by Mousebreaker
Drag car racing just got bigger, faster and more challenging. Design, tweak and race your own dragster! Driving for real speed demons!
World Basketball Challenge by Mousebreaker
Great Flash Basketball game !
Christmas Naughty List 2010 by mousebreaker
Last Christmas Santa became tired of celebrity antics and made a list of 2009's most troublesome, then handed out knockouts blows to everyone of 'em! They didn't learn their lesson, now Santa's back. It's time for the Christmas Naughty List 2010. Santa's fresh out of coal! Help him dish out some Xmas justice to those who have not been on there best behaviour this year. The likes of Rooney and Clegg (students enjoy that round) have of course made the list! Ho ho ho!

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