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Hoarding Rabbits by pets2play
Pick the carrot to earn points without hit by the obstacles.
Catch Dollys Cream by pets2play
The delicious ice cream is now at the lower most plate. Your task is to take it carefully from plate to plate to give it to dolly. Right click the mouse to make the ice cream hop from one plate to another. For each ice cream you lose your life gets decreased from the total of seven given. The speed and movement of the plates get increased with each level.
Kitty Jump by pets2play
Help our cute little kitty to cross the waterfalls and reach the other point with the help of the woodlog.
Flying Squirrel by pets2play
Help our little squirrel to shoot up the apples to reach the target score without hit up by the worms on the leaf parachute.
Cherry Shooting by pets2play
You will be given 18 arrows at each level to shoot down these strawberries. While aiming at the strawberries make sure that your arrow does not hit the obstacles, which come in form of log of wood and other such types.
Christmas Gift Grabber by pets2play
Hit the gifts using the 6 given shots, with the balls provided. Score according to the points of the gift that you hit. Your game gets over when you fail to hit all the gifts within the given number of shots. Complete each level ( 50 levels in total) successfully with the gifts increasing at each level.
Drive 4 Dollar by pets2play
All you have to do is to go and collect the coins (Dollars) while you move on near them Just jump over when you face the obstacles.
Deal or Nodeal by pets2play
Become Millionaire by playing this fun and exciting game Deal or No-Deal.
Cat and Rat by pets2play
Just make the rat grab the items to score, make sure that the rat does not hit the cats on its way.
Daring Ride by pets2play
Just ride on and hit the opponents with the help of the power you grab your way.
Hare 4 Dare by pets2play
Mouse move to make the hare skate safely without skidding. Avoid obstacles and grab the magic wand on your way.
Pussy Path by pets2play
Use arrow key to make pussy move and grab the food on its way without geeting caught by the dog. You need to make it grab as much food as it can before the time lapses.
Bunny Car Race by pets2play
Make bunny fast to reach the destination before the car and also make it to grab all the coins that come in its way.
Ant Trigger by pets2play
The ant hit the other bugs with bullets,the bugs hit ant behind the leaves to save the ant from getting hit by bullet. Try to complete each level successfully.
Animal Fusion Dressup Game by pets2play
Dress up your favorite Animal Fusion with your favorite costumes.
Gorilla Dressup by pets2play
Dress up your gorilla with your favorite costumes.
Baby Fusion Dressup by pets2play
Dress up baby fusion to make beautiful with the accessories given and have fun.

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