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Celebrity Whack by yotreat
Take revenge on celebrities. Whack some celebrities using hammer.
Scared Night Kiss by yotreat
Though it is Scared Night, You need to kiss your girlfriend in vampire costumes to win her heart.
Shoot Some Ghosts by yotreat
Instead of fearing, you can shoot some ghosts bravely in the scary night without losing life.
Santa Christmas by yotreat
Find hidden objects along with yo favorite gifts.
My Christmas by yotreat
It’s My Christmas. Match Christmas-objects without making Santa angry
Christmas Time Kiss by yotreat
Description : Though it is Christmas Time, You need to kiss your girlfriend in winter costumes to win her heart. Control : Use mouse to kiss your girlfriend.
New Year Kiss 2011 by yotreat
Welcome 2011 with warm kisses. Kiss your girlfriend at park without getting caught.
New Year Bash by yotreat
Start New Year bash by finding the hidden objects in grant manner.
Hidden in Chemical Lab by yotreat
Find hidden objects in chemical lab using observing skills.
Celebrity Oscar by yotreat
Who won the Oscar for best actor. If you can answer, take up Celebrity Oscar game now.
Angel Kiss by yotreat
Love making technique. Make angel-guy to kiss his angel-girlfriend without getting caught.
My Jungle by yotreat
Find hidden objects in my jungle using observing skills.
Celebrity Matching by yotreat
Celebrity matching with less number of clicks. Match the celebrities correctly.
My Toy Room by yotreat
Find hidden objects in toy room using observing skills.
Celebrity Lips by yotreat
Match the celebrities lip correctly.
Sweet Kisses by yotreat
Fill yo girlfriend heart with Sweet Kisses.
Color Fishes by yotreat
Fishes with lot a color! Find some hidden objects among the color fishes.
OMG love in park by yotreat
OMG!! Staring young beautiful girl at park is a real fun for this Romeo. Help Romeo to stare and succeed in love.
Cupid Valentine by yotreat
Attract your valentine by giving gorgeous gifts! Find some hidden gifts among the pictures.
Will You Be My Valentine by yotreat
Season of love! Help the guy to escape from the sequence of obstacles and reach Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.
Perfect Perv by yotreat
Let's help the lad to have a perv at the plumpy lady without getting caught.
Bugs Mania by yotreat
Find hidden bugs among the pictures using observing skills.
Celebrity Oscar Jump by yotreat
Who will win the Oscar Award 2011 for Best Actor!! Choose yo favorite nominated actor and make him to jump to reach the Oscar award.
Wild West House Escape by yotreat
Trapped by cowboy in his Wild West House!! Before cowboy returns house, make an escape from Wild West House.
Snail Day by yotreat
Find hidden snails among the pictures using observing skills.
Celebrity Channel by yotreat
Who is that celebrity!! Find the celebrity in latest celebrity channel using hints.
Lion Hearted Escape by yotreat
The king of forest awaits!! Make a lion hearted escape from the forest without getting attacked by Ferocious Lion.
Apartment Love by yotreat
You’ve got apartment’s beauty Lisa’s telephone number and it’s the time to telephonic love. Win her heart with yo romantic talk. Trigger possible events to avoid disturbance.
Cow Boy House by yotreat
Cow boy House is really a new place to explore!! Find the hidden objects in Cow boy House using yo skills.
Celebrity Clown by yotreat
Shoot'em up Celebrity Clowns accurately in Hollywood City.
World Cup cricket Kiss by yotreat
Cricket fever hits the world hard!! World Cup 2011 comes alive. Help the couple to romance inside the stadium without getting caught.
Pets in my Room by yotreat
Lot of pets in room!! Find the hidden pets in yo room using yo skills.
Farting fun by yotreat
Farting is always a naughtiest thing. Yes farting fun!! Make the guy to fart without getting caught.
Got Stuck Escape by yotreat
Got stuck in the room!! Use your escaping skills to make an escape from the room.
Japan Tsunami by yotreat
Japan faces one of the largest earthquake & Tsunami. Yes! Japan Tsunami!! Just run all the way to escape from the earthquake & Tsunami.
Clown Kiss by yotreat
Stylistic makeup n outlandish costumes. Yes!! It is about Circus clowns. Help clown couple to kiss each without getting noticed.
Swimming Pool Kiss by yotreat
Couple Enjoying in the Swimming Pool!! Yes, help them to kiss with total enthusiasm.
Celebrity Film Roll by yotreat
Film Roll with celebrities!! Find the celebrity correctly in the Celebrity Film Roll Game.
Wall Decals by yotreat
Wall decals look very realistic and it is very hard to explore. Try your skills in finding the Hidden objects among the wall decals.
Modest Room Escape by yotreat
Make it Modest!! Escape from the Modest Room using objects and hints.
Riding on kiss by yotreat
Romantic Bike ride!! Make couple’s bike ride more joyful by helping them to kiss each other.
Ant Escape the cheese by yotreat
Help the ant to escape from the sequence of obstacles and reach the partner.
Naughty BoyFriend by yotreat
Do naughty things while you are with girlfriend.Yes seduce other girl without getting noticed by girlfriend and other people.
Natural Painting by yotreat
Exploring hidden objects in natural painting is interesting task. Spot the hidden things in the natural paintings.
Modern Room by yotreat
Everything is modernized inside the modern room. Now, find the hidden objects in the modern room
Bin laden Assault by yotreat
It’s time to take revenge on Osama Bin Laden. Yes, US presidents are keen to make an assault on Osama Bin Laden. Move Osama Bin Laden to escape from bombs.
Mummy Adventure Escape by yotreat
Withered, Shrunken, Embalmed body!! Yes, it is about Ancient Egyptians. Make an adventurous escape from Egyptian mummies.
Rest Room by yotreat
What’s hidden in Rest Room? Find the Hidden objects in the Rest Room now.
Bad Lindsay Lohan by yotreat
Lindsay Lohan wants be bad. Make Lindsay Lohan to grab the bad habits without hitting birds.
Buckingham Palace by yotreat
By using your observing skill find the letters Buckingham palace
The Statue of Liberty by yotreat
By using your observing skill find the letters the staue in the 1st level and liberty in the second level
Decorating Room by yotreat
Find the hidden objects in the Decorating Room using your observing skills.
Find katherine Heigl by yotreat
By Using your observing skills find Alphabets katherine Heigl
Gifts Santa Gifts by yotreat
Christmas Time! Santa Claus needs to collect gifts for kids
Deer Christmas by yotreat
Christmas Time! Deer needs to collect chocolate for kids
Christmas Love Kiss by yotreat
Though it is Christmas Time, You need to kiss your girlfriend to win her heart.
Bunny Christmas by yotreat
Christmas Time! Bunny needs to collect gifts for kids. Grab as many gifts as you can and be cautious with parachute.
Tank Battle by yotreat
Final Battle! Enemies are all around! Shoot the enemies using Tank and survive till the end of battle.
Jungle Animals by yotreat
Find the hidden Numbers by using your observing skills.
Mickey Mouse Room by yotreat
Find the hidden Numbers by using your observing skills.
Ice Cream Truck Parking by yotreat
Description: The Ice cream truck has almost completed its party delivery assignment and the delicious ice creams could be delivered only after clearing the parking procedure. Help out in the parking, guys because children are waiting for the treat. Instruction: Use arrow keys to control the ice cream truck movements. Have an eye on the timer at the screen top. Double up your parking speed and be precise at the same time, since you can’t afford to crash on anything, pavements inclusive.
My Lunch Time by yotreat
Description: Title: What is for lunch? Apply Food styling and Food presentation skills to Decorate My Lunch perfectly. Instructions: Use mouse to interact
Prof Milton Moon Seizure by yotreat
Too much of lab hours got Prof Milton more eccentric and he insists on hijacking the moon. Yes, the moon! Join him in 16 whopping levels to shrink the moon and pack it home. Endure spine shivering problems like empty fuel on planets en-route.
Pizza Boy City Parking by yotreat
Description: Join this pizza boy and relish the excitement as you help him to park his car perfectly so that he could deliver hot and spicy pizzas well in time. Instructions: Use arrow keys to control your car and complete your job before you lose time. Use space bar to apply brakes. Follow the arrows on the road to reach your parking destination.
Pink Foyer Room Escape by yotreat
You are getting more and more bored as you stay waiting for your pick up. You had finally lost your patience and decided to leave the room but you find yourself trapped in this glossy room. Find a way for you get out of this room.
Modish Room Escape by yotreat
Things out of hand when you find yourself locked inside your room with minutes away for your appearance on stage. You dream and the journey will come to an end if you did not make out of this room in time and be on that stage. There must be a key somewhere good luck in finding the key and escape out of this room.
Day Care Room Escape by yotreat
After a hectic day with the kids you have prepared the room for tomorrow. When you are about to leave you find the door has locked from outside. You had enough of this room so find a way to escape out of this room
Breezy Apartment Escape by yotreat
You are stuck in a stranger’s apartment which you assumed to be your own before you are found out and reported to the police find a way out of this apartment.

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